Skill Tree


This is How the Skill Tree Works and this is the only way you can level up you Weapon and your Armor

  1. Weapon : on point 1 you see  its says 1/1 that's means you have 1 point, But if is says 0/1 you have no points yet.  But if you see the Arrow beside there is comming a Orange line on that some will be comming when you starting shoot at something that is EXP bar for the weapon. Then the bar are comming on another side and gets 100% then will be restart again. the each time that goes too 100% its mean you get 1 point into the middle.
  2. if you look on number 2 some are Black are around the weapon, that's mean's you did not learn it yet, but as you see there is one point we have into the middle so we can unlock that so that will turn Blue as you see on the Number 3.
  3. so now we gonna talk about number 5 you see there is says 0/1 . But when you use your weapon and gain weapon exp as in over time you get points also into number 5 also those points you can make your weapon stronger and better exemple  in number 4 you see that circle i have marked it. each of theme needs some points. you get points on number 5 by leveling your weapon you will see a white line some going same way as the orange line.
  4. Okey now i gonna tell you what is diffrent between the Orange and the White line some you will see on the number 5 and on the Arrow.  the white line does not give you a point every time when is getting 100% as the Orange line does some you see on the Arrow. the more up in level you get with your weapon its takes longer time
  1. Okey Here i gonna tell how things working with the armor, as many of you have been wounder how this really working and you might have asking yourself How does this armor tree working ? Hmm ..

  2. Okey lets start how to get exp and gain points for your armor you need to get bite from the mobs some also cost your health .

  3. as you the orange line in middle is almost 100% that means when that turn 100% you get 1 point some you can spend on the next lvl for your armor. the more you lvl up your armor the more points you need.

  4. if you look on the middle the more your char lvl the more points you can have in one time. lets say if you have come around lvl 12 on your char but you can only have 46 points but you need 1 more point to unlock next tier for your Armor. to get  more points you need to lvl up your char atleast one more time before you can get more points.